My name is Kirsi Pinola and I live in Liminka, a countryside village near Oulu with my family; 

my son (16 years) and my husband Marko. I also have two other children, a daughter and a son 
but they have already moved away from home.

My love for dogs started when I was 9 years old and I got my first dog Tomi, a German
Sheppard and since then I have always had a dog in my home. My love for bulldogs started 
2002 when I saw our friend´s dog Otto, an English Bulldog and finally, 2006 I got my own 
English Bulldog Bullzanier´s Belarus Junior "Ruttu". My first French Bulldog, Crazy Beauty 
Bully "Räsy", I got 2009 from Slovakia and since then our pack has grown slowly. We have 
now two English Bulldogs and four French Bulldogs living with us. 

I completed the Finnish Kennel Club`s dog breeders course in February 2009 and I got my
kennel prefix Fairybulls in September 2009. I`m also a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish 
Toydog Association, Finnish Dog Breeders club, Finnish French Bulldog club, Finnish English 
Bulldog club and currently I act as the treasurer in the Northern Finland French Bulldog Club.

My dog breeding is very small-scaled and my aim is to breed healthy family dogs. Since the
health is the starting point for my breeding philosophy, I have done health examinations (eyes, 
knees and heart) to all my dogs and for all the dogs I use for breeding. I also x-ray their backs.
I want to keep in touch with all my dogs and their new owners in order to hear how they grow 
and how they are. I`m also ready to help the new owners with all issues they might have with 
their dogs.

If you are interested in hearing more from our dogs don`t hesitate to contact me

  Kirsi Pinola
  Juolukkatie 4
  91900 Liminka
  Tel. +358 456726861

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